Dynamic Sustainability: Maryland's Atlantic Coast

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Ocean City and Assateague Island

Dynamic Sustainability: Shoreline Management on Maryland's Atlantic Coast

2008 and Onward

Ocean City Inlet

Under the Long-Term Sand Management Project, Ocean City Inlet is dredged twice a year to maintain the channel for commercial and recreational boats. The dredging of the ebb-tidal shoal for the sand bypassing at Assateague Island is also an important coastal management activity taking place at the inlet.

To keep the shoal in equilibrium, and therefore acting as a natural sand source for Assateague Island, the Corps and private contractors have been using state-of-the-art underwater mapping techniques to monitor the shape of the shoal and its response to dredging. They have also been carefully dredging only the outer edge of the shoal, not the crest, so as to not create any holes that would naturally fill in with sand.


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Reviewed 27 Sep 2016

Ocean City Inlet

Ocean City Inlet
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Sediment Budgets

It is possible that in the future offshore shoals, such as the ebb-tidal shoal, could be used as sites for wind turbines or wave-generated sources of alternative energy. In that situation, it will be necessary to recalculate the sediment budget for Assateague Island and designate new sand sources. Due to the thorough information compiled about this inlet system, scientists are confident that multiple management objectives can be accommodated.